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676 OLD PRETORIA MAIN RD, WYNBERG, JHB / 011 786 1314 / 082 857 7414

Afrifuture Technologies cc is a 100% affirmative company that is owned by Miss Princess Akhona Cwesi and managed by Mr Uri Raier.

We are also known for our excellent client service orientation and top quality products. We have a combined 35 years in the aluminium industry. Our goal is to constantly manufacture and supply the quality material available. We are therefore able to also give a 12 month warrantee on all standard and custom made items while also providing a countrywide service.

As a company we try to establish a mentality of awareness to constantly improve our workmanship customer care and service.

This base provides us with the right attitude and allowed us to build a long and lasting relationship with our corporate clients.

We make sure that our employees are safe at all times during working hours by teaching them how to take care and protect themselves while working. For an example, to wear leather hand gloves when cutting glass, to put on face masks when sand grinding, to put on goggles when welding, etc.

Our environmental policy is to keep the working environment clean at all times. After work we collect all the left overs of aluminium, pieces of glass, empty cans, and dump it to the applicable area. Our teams always take the cleaning material with when they go to site.

A 24-hour service is guaranteed. We have three emergency numbers.

We ask our clients to provide us with their regulations, specifications and by-laws of the building we are to do work at.


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676 OLD PRETORIA MAIN RD, WYNBERG, JHB / 011 786 1314 / 082 857 7414